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"Angus helped me recover from my lowest point of darkness. I can thoroughly recommend his compassionate and caring approach."  

-  E.M

"Angus provided therapy when I found myself at a very low point in life. A tailored program of techniques both during and in-between sessions was agreed and by following this and attending regular sessions, I found myself able to get back to a much better mindset. A friendly & confidential service in a relaxing and calm environment. " - S.H.

"Brilliant, flexible, sound and very professional"

-  Hannah R

"Both Sue and Angus have had a major positive influence in helping me turn my life around. They are kind, compassionate and caring and I would recommend them to anyone who needs support. Both of them offer excellent service and advice and made me feel comfortable throughout discussions."

- Vicky L

"With the help of Angus and Sue, I am at a point where I feel comfortable and stable in my outlook on life. Both Angus and Sue have a friendly warm approach whilst maintaining a professional demeanour and direction. This enabled me to feel comfortable discussing elements that I needed assistance with and trust that I was receiving the optimal treatment to achieve my intended goals. 

I would highly recommend using their services if needed."

- David Oliver

"Prior to my first session with Sue and Angus I felt pretty lost and hopeless about my life. The work I did with them helped me gain clarity and take positive steps that mean I feel better about myself. I've still got some way to go but now I have a mindset that I can build on. I'd reccomend them to anyone that feels that they're in a low place and unsure how to start movingin a better direction."

- Rhys

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